私たちのプロジェクト「OCHIKOCHI(おちこち)」には 2つの意味があります。

場所から見た「遠い」と「近い」。 時間から見た「過去」「現在」「未来」。


そして  長い歴史の上にある現在の私たちの生活。そのバトンは、「今」の私たちから、未来へ渡されていきます。




Our project, Ochikochi, has two meanings:

“In space, there is near and far. In time, there is the past, the present, and the future.”

From its Northern tip to its Southern tip, Japan measures 3000 kilometers.

It’s a country with many regions, each one boasting its own attractive features.

Japan has a rich history, one that we, in the present, will continue to pass on to them, in the future.

Here at Ochikochi, we dissect the Japanese lifestyle from a woman’s perspective.

We hope to connect Japan to the world, and the past to the future.

translated by 秋夜


OCHIKOCHI project is Passion of JAPAN’s beauty in arts, life and culture inspired by WOMEN.  

This is started  on 3 March 2017, Japanese GIRLS’ DAY.  

We really want you to know how Japan is beautiful ♡

 You are also always welcome to join us.  

You can help us to spread our mind with women’s’ insights.

Photo: Alex Mustatea  Flower:Yoko Miyashita